Yarn Sculpture Sneakers Look Like Brain and Intestines?

Players and Poster image

These sneaker 3D renderings were a personal project ‘experimenting with colour, surface and intricate pattern making with yarns’; created by UK-based Illustrator, Chris LaBrooy (see previous).

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As a side-note—I think the way that the ‘yarn’ is squashed together looks a bit like a cross-section of a brain, or even intestines! Or is it just me? In any case, these designs are visually-stunning, don’t you agree? Check out the gallery below, along with a couple of examples of how they were created in 3D…

Galley // Yarn Sculpture Sneakers by Chris LaBrooy

yarn sculpture art

pink green and yellow yarn sculpture

computer 3D generated yarn art

yarn trainers

Colourful snaekers

Why you like a white 3-D trainers

Further Information // “Yarn Sculpture Sneakers Look Like Brain and Intestines?” // All the images shown within this post are [Creative Commons] © Copyright Chris LaBrooy. Please visit his site and portfolio for more fantastic work.

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