X-Ray Photography by David Maisel

X Ray Photography man

This X-Ray Photography was created by New Yorker, David Maisel. This set of work is entitled “History’s Shadow”, where Maisel re-photographs x-rays from museum archives that depict artifacts from antiquity. He then scans and digitally manipulates selected source material, such as the horses, vase’s, people and hands below…

X Ray vase

X Ray head

David’s site explains his work:

[…] Maisel’s practice has focused primarily on environmentally impacted sites, in a multi-chaptered series called “Black Maps”. His large-scaled photographs show the physical impact on the land from industrial efforts such as mining, logging, water reclamation, and military testing. Because these sites are often remote and inaccessible, Maisel frequently works from an aerial perspective, thereby permitting images and photographic evidence that would be otherwise unattainable… [read more]

X Ray round vase

X Ray face

X Ray tall vase

X Ray hand

X Ray horse

All images are copyright © David Maisel. I recommend visiting his site for more great work.

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