World’s Largest Gumball Machine

World's Largest Gumball Machine image

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Wow! This real Gumball Machine contains 20,000 Gumballs and costs $4000!

…Everyone dreams of owning something giant, but few dream of owning a gumball machine. And yet when you put both dreams together you’re left with one of the most ridiculously desirable items in the world.

No, your eyes do not deceive you; the little girl in the photo really is wearing a dress made from one of Barry Chuckle’s old sweatshirts. But forget about fashion because the Giant Gumball Machine next to her is flipping enormous. At over 6.5ft tall and 3.5ft wide, this truly awesome vending machine holds 20,000 (yes, 20,000!) one-inch gumballs, making it an attraction in its own right. Om-nom-nom! Read the rest here