8 Wooden Slingshots Angry Birds Would be Proud of!

Ever since childhood, I’ve wanted to own a proper wooden slingshot, but my parents wouldn’t let me. Huh! Wonder why? Anyway, if you’re now all grown up like me, and want to own your own slingshot in many different styles and colours, then the people at WoodenSlingshot have one to suit you. I think I’d have the silver and black one, cos’ it looks cool, but there’s a pink one for the girls, too! I reckon the Angry Birds would love these─take a look at the gallery below…

Black and White Wooden Slingshot.

Black & White Wooden Slingshot

Neon Orange and Natural.

Neon Orange and Natural slingshot

This one of a kind slingshot is hand made in California from Mora tree branches. Each is carefully airbrushed with acrylic paint. The leather projectile pouch is attached using natural latex tubing and sinew [read more].

Wooden Slingshot – Black and Silver.

Wooden Slingshot - Black and Silver

Wooden Slingshot – Yellow with Twine.

Wooden Slingshot with Yellow Twine

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Wooden Slingshot in White and Blue.

Wooden Slingshot White and Blue image

Natural Wooden Slingshot, coloured in Neon Pink.

 Natural Wooden Slingshot, colured in Neon Pink

Hella Huge Wooden Slingshot.

Wooden Slingshot Hella Huge image

Wooden Slingshot Black and Red.

Wooden Slingshot Black & Red image

Credits: All the images shown in this gallery above are Copyright © WoodenSlingshot. Head over to their store to purchase any of these (this is Not an affiliate link).


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