Tipping Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Here’s an interesting infographic all about tipping tips by Businessinsider.com. It shows what percentage should be tipped for Taxi Drivers, Bellhops and even Animal Groomers. Here in the UK, giving tips isn’t a standard practice like in the USA (except for in restaurants and for taxi fares), which is ironic considering the following quote:

Tipping dates back to 18th century England, when an urn would be placed in pubs with a simple sign that read, “To Insure Promptitude.” This was later shortened to the acronym T.I.P. or “tip,” as it is currently called. While originally a way of ensuring good service, tipping is now expected at most businesses where a personal service is performed [read more].

Tipping Tips

Tipping Tips

Credits: Infographic copyright © Businessinsider.com. Please check out their site for a larger version of this image.

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