Rocks with Gooey-Bronze Innards and Rippled Wood by Romain Langlois

rock split open to reveal bronze guts

Combined in this post are a couple of types of amazing sculptures by Romain Langlois. Using rock, bronze and wood, he has achieved very unique-looking works of art that are intriguing and captivating. I especially like the way that the bronze almost looks wet, like you could touch it like some sort of shiny goo! See the rest of the set below…

Gallery // Bronze, Wood & Stone Sculptures by Romain Langlois

A wooden sculpture by Romain Langlois

rippled wooden plank

30 Beautiful Images of Doors and Locks

I love how doors and locks communicate such a powerful message – one of curiosity, control, and even mystery. Context is king, of course, but it’s easy to use doors for just about any kind of stock photo needs, whether an ad design for poster printing or the background for a web page.

This round-up of doors and locks are all free for commercial use. Make sure to take the time to thank the photographers for being so gracious with their work. This collection has a little of everything, from grungy to modern to ethereal. Take your pic(k) and enjoy!

Photo by Fr Antunes

Solar Birdhouse

If you’re in need of a Solar Birdhouse, look no further. If your garden birds are flying around in the dark like bats looking for their nest then this may be solution. Birds have been flying around for thousands of years without the air of a Lightsaber-looking perch, buy hay, why not?

Solar Birdhouse

Solar Birdhouse

Wood iPhone Back Panel by Monolith

Wood iPhone Back Panel image

Wood iPhone Back Panel by Monolith: “Monolith iPhone backs are handmade from solid hardwood in Austin, Texas. Unlike stick on decals, they completely replace the original glass back of your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S leaving the thickness unchanged and removing one of the most fragile and often broken parts.” Read more here.

Sculptural Staircase Art from Tetrarc Architects

Colourful wooden Sculptural Staircase

Check out this Sculptural Staircase by Tetrarc Architects. It reminds me of the fantastic work of Haroshi, who creates stunning sculptural artwork using skateboards. I can’t tell, however, if this staircase art is made of wood or rope? I love the design anyway!

Unique Recycled Skateboard Stool

recycled skateboard stool image

These recycled skateboard stool designs are quite amazing. Each one is made from several skateboards that were to be thrown away, never seeing the light of day again! These stools will make a perfect gift for skating enthusiasts and anyone one appreciates quirky design. Each one is skillfully made by craftsman in Pennsylvania by Deckstool.

Skateboarding Art by Haroshi

Fire Hydrant

I think these wooden Skateboarding Art sculptures are simply stunning. All these works of art are by Tokyo-based artist Haroshi. They are made from skateboard deck, believe it or not. The way that the objects have been carved-out of stacked plywood is very unique—and check out the colours: