Crashing, Smashing & Breaking Ocean Waves – Captured & Frozen

inspiring waves photo

I think these images of breaking waves are fantastic, to say the least. I can remember many times being stood on one of the northern beaches (here in Britain), staring into the captivating waves. What photographer Pierre Carreau has managed to do is expertly capture waves in motion by utilising slow-shutter speeds and other photographic methods to instantly freeze a micro-split second of time.

You wouldn’t be able to see waves as they appear in these photos without such photographic technology, but thanks to Carreau we can see them in their splendor. Here is a set of ten of these images for you to view, where you can see the sheer variety of what he has managed to capture. No doubt he spent many hours waiting for that perfect picture…

Gallery // Crashing, Smashing & Breaking Ocean Waves…

frozen waves photo

still waves photo

crashing waves photo

frozen waves photography

★ Please see original Design Soak Article for more images in this set.

For more information about slow speed photography, check out this article about Shutter speeds over on Wikipedia.

Here’s a short selection of Pierre’s Biography:

Born in 1972 near Paris, Pierre Carreau grew up surrounded by artistic influences in a family that included a photographer, sculptors and painters. Perhaps in reaction to this subtle pressure, he chose initially to pursue a different path and graduated from university with a degree in business. Yet the soul of the artist would not be repressed, and after a number of years working in the IT industry, Carreau returned to his roots and became a professional photographer [read more].

Further Information // “Crashing, Smashing & Breaking Ocean Waves – Captured & Frozen” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Pierre Carreau.

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Airline Flight Visualization Shows European Skies Like Never Before

This visually-stunning video shows, for the first time, what the air patterns of planes look like on a typical day, with clear skies (yes, clear skies are rare in Summer here in England!). The footage is a combination of British radar data and flight plans from Europe.

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The whole video builds upon itself, showing some major key highlights, which include the transatlantic routes to the USA and how planes seem to stick to the same, often-curved routes. Aeroplanes are also show in ‘stacked formation’ when flying into major English airports such as Gatwick and Heathrow. Check out some selected screenshots below…

5 Stunning Photos of Angel Falls, Venezuela

Check out these absolutely stunning photos of Angel Falls, which is located in Venezuela. It reminds me of the waterfall the featured in the Pixar movie, Up, but I’m sure this one is way more awe0inspiring than that! I particularly like the image with the rainbow

Gallery: Angel Falls, Venezuela…


This is What You Get if You Mix Lego, Dye and Surfing…

A while back, I featured the stunning work of Mark Mawson, who photographed fluorescent dye in tanks of water. This set, however, by Alberto Seveso shows a similar method of photography featuring a cool Lego surf-boarder in a dye or ink. Check out the rest of the set…

lego Boarder

Best Water Park. Ever.

Best Water Kingdom Ever image

Is the the best water park ever? It just may be. These images are of the Happy Magic Water Cube, which was the original structure built for the Beijing National Aquatics Center China’s 2008 Olympics. The best water world I ever went to was Typhoon Lagoon in Florida, but this one seems to take the whole water-fun experience another step…

Apple Water. iWater?

With Apple seemingly moving into new industries where does one draw the line? Recent news of Apple apparently expanding their Apple TV package by purchasing the Premiership Football (Soccer) rights. However it seems there next venture is down a completely new path for Apple. Although as with many of their products it can be used in conjunction with other Apple products.

Now introducing Apple Water. If successful then the progress of Apple is unlimited, surely?

iWater image

Fluorescent Water by Mark Mawson

fluorescent water

This stunning collection of photos showing fluorescent water is from a project named “Aqueous Fluoreau Inspired by the vibrant colours that brighten up everyday life.” They are from London & Sydney based Mark Mawson, who spends his time between the two locations shooting for advertising agencies & magazines.