6 Geeky Poster Prints By Wallaroo

These geeky poster prints would look good on office walls and anywhere, er, geeky! I especially like the poster with ones and zeros, which means “I love you” (the final image shown)….

2012 Calendar for Computer Geeks – Hexadecimal numbers

Calendar for Computer Geeks image

Stunning Mechanical Art from Chromatic Typewriter

Chromatic Typewriter image

Stunning Mechanical Art from Chromatic Typewriter. This Typewriter was created by Washington-based painter Tyree Callahan. Using a modified standard typewriter from 1937, the letters were replaced by colour pads in order to produce pieces of a form of mechanical art. This typewriter was subsequently submitted to the 2012 West Prize competition with much acclaim. To read more on this, check out Tyree Callahan’s blog, Studio E.