Marvelous Woodland 3D Art by Rahul Parihar

These intricate 3D works were designed and visualised by Indian creative, Rahul Parihar. I’ve included two of his projects below, which both feature trees! Enjoy…

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A Slice of Life

fall autumn tree

blue tree

pink tree blossom in 3D

green 3D tree

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Further Information // “Marvelous Woodland 3D Art by Rahul Parihar” // All the images shown within this post are [Creative Commons] © Copyright Rahul Parihar. Please visit his portfolio for more fantastic work.

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Solar Birdhouse

If you’re in need of a Solar Birdhouse, look no further. If your garden birds are flying around in the dark like bats looking for their nest then this may be solution. Birds have been flying around for thousands of years without the air of a Lightsaber-looking perch, buy hay, why not?

Solar Birdhouse

Solar Birdhouse

Tree Art by Julie Dodd

Logging segments

These unique tree art ‘sculptures’ were created by talented creative, Julie Dodd. She has used a style of paper art to construct tree-segment representations, expertly forming the inner growth rings. The reason for this work (which currently reside in the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, New York) is quite clear in the title: Statement – Illegal Logging…

Superbly Sculptured Bonsai Trees and Miniatures

Hotel de Michelin image

These wonderful little creations were created by Japanese artist, Takanori Aiba, who builds miniature trees and other constructions onto platforms, rocks and other media. They are made form a variety of materials, including stone clay, paper, acrylic resin, steel wire and other recycled packaging. My favourite ones are the “Hotel de Michelin” one (above) and the Bonsai Tree at the end of this post. Which ones do you like?

Crooked Forest

crooked forest

This crooked forest is located in western Poland. There is a small forest where about 400 pine trees grow with a 90 degree bend right at the base of the tree truck, and all bend towards the north for some reason.

The trees in the crooked forest were planted in 1930, and were ‘held down’ by farmers in the first 10 years of growth (for some unknown reason). I think they look weird, but great. I suppose they’d make fantastic benches…