5 Stunning Photos of Angel Falls, Venezuela

Check out these absolutely stunning photos of Angel Falls, which is located in Venezuela. It reminds me of the waterfall the featured in the Pixar movie, Up, but I’m sure this one is way more awe0inspiring than that! I particularly like the image with the rainbow

Gallery: Angel Falls, Venezuela…


Tron Bicycle

Bike that lights up

This really cool-looking “Tron Bicycle” is the Pulse Urban Bike─a creation by Teague, a company based in Seatle, USA. Featuring electric turn signals, a rear indicator light and stunning light-up mid frame, I think using the word ‘cool’ really sums up what this bike is all about! Take a look at the video after the images…

The Art of Traveling in Pickup Trucks

Photographer Alejandro Cartagena stood looking down from a bridge in northern Mexico to take these unique images. He managed to capture snapshots of the daily commutes of Mexican workers as they lay down and sit in pickup trucks. I think these images are really quite special, as it’s not something that most people see. There’s so much information that can be gleaned just from these non-standard views of ‘ordinary’ hard-working people.

Gallery: Traveling in Pickup Trucks

pickup trucks people sleeping image 1