Lego Televisions and Retro Creations by Chris McVeigh

lego console image

Designer Chris McVeigh creates stunning miniature LEGO collectables that resemble retro Lego Televisions, Telephones, Cameras and even old-style Mac Computers!

See Also: Authentic Artist Lego Art by Marco Sodano.

He photographs these mini-marvels and sells them via his online store, and even though they’re quite expensive, you can’t say they’re no unique! Check out the rest of the images below:

Gallery // Lego Televisions and Retro Creations

lego console image

lego console image

lego console image


Authentic Artist Lego Art by Marco Sodano

lego mona lisa

This quirky set of poster designs were created by Italian art director, Marco Sodano. He states the concept behind these works is that “all the children are authentic artists with Lego”. See the other two images below…

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lego art painting


100 LEGO Ideas Videos!

Check out this huge collection of 100 LEGO ideas from YouTube. Granted, I haven’t viewed them all, but my little boy watches these all the time. One of my favourites is the very last video in this post, as it shows how someone has made a properly-working labyrinth out of Technic Lego! My little boy loves it, and I’m sure you will too!…

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LEGO GBC Marble Run

Toy Boarders

toy boarders figures image

Here’s a great spin on the classic Toy Soldier─it’s the Toy Boarder (short for Toy Skate-Boarder). Watch the video at the end of this post to see what you can do with these bad boys!

Real Toy Soldiers

This promotional ‘Real Toy Soldiers’ video was made by LE Collectible Toys.

real toy soldiers Image

The video shows real toy soldiers that are positioned in various places in a major city (is it New York?). Anyway, it’s a great piece that promotes their brand really well. The video starts with the following statement: “To promote the brand, we scattered around the city real toy soldiers.” Enjoy…

World’s Largest Gumball Machine

World's Largest Gumball Machine image

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Wow! This real Gumball Machine contains 20,000 Gumballs and costs $4000!

…Everyone dreams of owning something giant, but few dream of owning a gumball machine. And yet when you put both dreams together you’re left with one of the most ridiculously desirable items in the world.