Art of the Skateboard Photo

Skateboard Photo

Joe Stevens is a photographer based in Portland OR, USA. He “lives through his lens” and has spent 10 years bringing images to life. What sets Joe apart is his ability to tell a story through his photographic work. In this case, he has done a fantastic job taking skateboard photos:

8 Wooden Slingshots Angry Birds Would be Proud of!

Ever since childhood, I’ve wanted to own a proper wooden slingshot, but my parents wouldn’t let me. Huh! Wonder why? Anyway, if you’re now all grown up like me, and want to own your own slingshot in many different styles and colours, then the people at WoodenSlingshot have one to suit you. I think I’d have the silver and black one, cos’ it looks cool, but there’s a pink one for the girls, too! I reckon the Angry Birds would love these─take a look at the gallery below…

Black and White Wooden Slingshot.

Black & White Wooden Slingshot

Tennis Ball Art by Ana Soler

This unique tennis ball art was produced by Spanish photographer, Ana Soler. These photos show tennis balls bouncing around stairways, walls and rooms, with different stages in motion represented by one ball. The balls are suspended from the ceiling with thin wire or string. Take a look at the gallery below…

Tennis Ball Art image

Best Water Park. Ever.

Best Water Kingdom Ever image

Is the the best water park ever? It just may be. These images are of the Happy Magic Water Cube, which was the original structure built for the Beijing National Aquatics Center China’s 2008 Olympics. The best water world I ever went to was Typhoon Lagoon in Florida, but this one seems to take the whole water-fun experience another step…