Intricately Detailed Logotype Sketch Collection by MIKE

Colour sketch is on white paper with pens and ink

I just love to see other designers and illustrators sketches in their notebooks, don’t you? These excellently intricate and skilfully-illustrated logos and icons were created by a talented creative just named “MIKE” (apparently!).

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He’s a graphic designer from Prague with 12 years of experience, who loves the Internet and sees its potential to drive his business and aspirations. See more of his creative work below…

Intricate Line Drawings of Insects by Alex Konahin

Intricate Line Drawings of Insects by Alex Konahin header image


These wonderfully-intricate line drawings of insects were created by Latvia-based graphic artist, Alex Konahin. He drew these ornate sketches using India Ink in fine-liner pens. I’ve used these pens before while sketching for University work, and it takes a lot of talent to use them properly!


If you take a look at the examples of Alex’s work below, you’ll notice the sheer amount of detail that has gone into each piece. There’s some images that also show the design mid-way through, too…


Gallery: Intricate Line Drawings of Insects

Intricate Line Drawing


Intricate Line Drawings of butterfly Insect


Intricate Line Drawings of a butterfly



Keep Drawing

“Keep Drawing” is a video by Studio Shelter. The short movie has a nice little soundtrack, with the whole concept based around drawing and sketches. It starts off with a few simple sketches then transforms and animates into more complicated ones. Please take a look at the short video after the screenshots below.

keep drawing image

Pizza Box Art

pizza box art

Okay, I’m in a humorous mood, so here are 8 pizza box art examples for you to digest (see what I did there?). I don’t know if this could strictly be referred to as art—but maybe some kind of urban graffiti! I think my favourite one is where someone’s requests that ‘Twinkle Pie” is drawn on a delivered pizza box. Strange stuff, I know. Anyway, it’s Friday, so enjoy the madness…

Sketch Art by Irina Vinnik

Sketchbook artwork image

The following gallery of sketch art was created by Irina Vinnik, an artist based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. After viewing her profile, I’ve become a big fan of her drawing and sketching skills. It takes much time and dedication to produce work like this, and there’s not much room for error when using line markers either.