Art of the Skateboard Photo

Skateboard Photo

Joe Stevens is a photographer based in Portland OR, USA. He “lives through his lens” and has spent 10 years bringing images to life. What sets Joe apart is his ability to tell a story through his photographic work. In this case, he has done a fantastic job taking skateboard photos:

Strongboards by Misha Petrick are Superb!

It was only last when I walked into a skateboard store over here in the UK, and bought my son what I thought was a great-looking skateboard. However, after seeing these ‘Strongboards’ by Moscow-based Misha Petrick,I feel like taking it back. Check them out…

Gallery // Strongboards by Misha Petrick

Model S Strongboard by Petrick

Header image of Strongboards by Petrick

Man lifting large weight on skateboard

Unique Recycled Skateboard Stool

recycled skateboard stool image

These recycled skateboard stool designs are quite amazing. Each one is made from several skateboards that were to be thrown away, never seeing the light of day again! These stools will make a perfect gift for skating enthusiasts and anyone one appreciates quirky design. Each one is skillfully made by craftsman in Pennsylvania by Deckstool.

Skateboarding Art by Haroshi

Fire Hydrant

I think these wooden Skateboarding Art sculptures are simply stunning. All these works of art are by Tokyo-based artist Haroshi. They are made from skateboard deck, believe it or not. The way that the objects have been carved-out of stacked plywood is very unique—and check out the colours: