10 Weird Sea Creatures

This selection of weird sea creatures (that are actually quite beautiful) were photographed by talented diver, Alexander Semenov. From what appears to be worms, snakes, crustaceans and other marine species, these images are absolutely stunning. Last year, I can rememberwatching a program on National Geographic, which showed varied creatures of the deep. Every since watching the program, I’ve been fascinated by the colour, shape and variety of God’s creations in the Earth’s oceans. I’ve chosen a selection of 10 images to show you below, but there are more over on Alexander’s profile. Enjoy these and be amazed…

weird sea creature

Top 10 Awe-Inspiring Images of Jellyfish

Check out these stunning jellyfish images that show them in different types of colours and shapes. I can remember seeing some lit-up in ultra-violet once, and have been interested in them every since.

Cosmic Jellyfish image

My favourite image shown here is Cosmic Jellyfish by Darvin Atkeson. He states: “This is one of many of the types of Jellyfish they have at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and one of my favorite ones. It was about the size of your hand and moved quite quickly. It was in a cylinder aquarium which made photographing somewhat difficult. I had to keep the lens of the camera right up against the plexiglass and hope one would swim by far enough away to be in good focus. Note the detail in the dots on this Jellyfish [read more].

Magnificent Metal Coated Shell

Iron Plated Snail Shell

A bit of a change of pace with today’s post.

Believe it or not, snails have been discovered in the depths of the ocean that are literally iron-plated. They live near deep-sea vents that spew out minerals and metals including gold:

Another example of the ingenuity of nature: researchers are finding inspiration in the extraordinarily strong exoskeleton of a deep-sea snail, Crysomallon squamiferum. The mollusk’s iron-plated shell is giving researchers insights that could lead to stronger materials for airplane hulls, cars, and military equipment [read more].

Tropical Yacht Design with Built-in Volcano?

Yacht Design

A tropical yacht design with built-in volcano? Oh yes. If I didn’t see these images myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. The ‘concept yacht’ comes complete with a river (funnily enough, coming from the volcano), funky beach huts, a large pool and a variety of palm trees. Will it ever be built? I don’t know. It sure would be an amazing sight, though…

Entropic Images by Jim Kazanjian

Black and White Photography

These “Entropic Images” are by digital artist and photographer, Jim Kazanjian. I love the way in which black and white photography is merged with other recognisable imagery, but with a surreal twist. Each image is unique, and each is named very similarly, such as “Untitled Sun” (above) and “Untitled Maze”: