Floating Cube Illusion Spearheads Alternative Landscape Scenery

These alluring images were created by 26 year-old French-Canadian photographer, Benoit Paille. After becoming a professional, Paille has held exhibitions in Canada, Japan, L.A, Barcelona, Moscow, Ukraine and Paris:

Paille: I was interested in the introduction of a man-made object in an outdoor setting, a luminous square, a human element that forms a relationship with nature and helps it to be reborn. From this I feel a kind of poetry blossoms, linked to the presence of this regular shape, like a recurrent canvas that symbolically references creation, the blank page, the empty space that needs to be inhabited.

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Floating Cube in snow again

Floating Cube in tall trees

Floating Cube in waters edge

Floating Cube in urban setting


Secret Mountain Bridge

secret mountain bridge image

Can you remember my popular post Top 10 Secret Doorways? Well, here’s another one I just discovered. According to Wikipedia, the doorway is located on the “Huangshan” (which means “Yellow Mountain”) in the southern Anhui province in eastern China. Spectacular, don’t you think?

Glass Beach in California

Beach glass

Did you know there’s a glass beach in California? Many of the “pebbles” on the beach are actually eroded glass shards. Over the years, the sea has smoothed the glass shards into translucent pieces that glisten in the Sun. Decades ago, the residents of Fort Bragg in California threw their household rubbish over the cliffs. They discarded many old and unwanted items including glass. The glass beach eventually became known as “The Dumps.” Check out the Wikipedia article on this to learn more about the beach and it’s back story.

Eerie Photography in the Woods

Pirate Ship in Woods

This eerie photography taken in woodland is entitled “And Then…”. It is taken from the great project between designer Nicola Yeoman and photographer Jo Metson Scott. I think the series of photographs are fantastic, and lured me in the first time I saw them. My favourite is the pirate ship above, but I love the one at the end of this post, too…