Amusement Parks of Ruin by Francesco Mugnai

These alluring images of abandoned and ruined amusement parks were expertly photographed by Francesco Mugnai. It’s great to see how the shear force of nature reclaims the old rusting and decaying structures of roller coaster tracks, slides and yes, clowns. See the rest of the images below…

Amusement Parks of Ruin Gallery

Amusement Park slides

Amusement Park horses

Amusement Park image

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Walk-on Roller Coaster

walk on roller coaster image

Check out this really cool walk-on roller coaster! To be honest, I’m unsure as what happens when people try to walk around the loop, as there’e no roller coaster photos showing this, but it’s great non-the-less. Located in Duisburg, Germany—it looks stunning during the day, but even better at night