Seriously Cool Character Ice-Creams

Darth Vader Icecream

These Character Ice-creams of Darth Vader, Mickey Mouse and Mario are shaped like their heads. They were created by Stoyn, a Russian advertising agency. I think they’re stunning; my favourite is the BlueBerry & Licorise flavor Darth Vader Ice-cream shown above. Hope you enjoy the rest…

Lego Televisions and Retro Creations by Chris McVeigh

lego console image

Designer Chris McVeigh creates stunning miniature LEGO collectables that resemble retro Lego Televisions, Telephones, Cameras and even old-style Mac Computers!

See Also: Authentic Artist Lego Art by Marco Sodano.

He photographs these mini-marvels and sells them via his online store, and even though they’re quite expensive, you can’t say they’re no unique! Check out the rest of the images below:

Gallery // Lego Televisions and Retro Creations

lego console image

lego console image

lego console image


Crazy Retro Blaster iPod Boombox by Lasonic

Retro Blaster iPod

Remember the days when people actually carried large boomboxes on their shoulders? I bet you though those days were long gone when iPods came along, eh? Well fear not, this weird and somewhat crazy Retro Blaster iPod Boombox solves the ‘problem’…

Poster Design Inspiration by Marius Roosendaal

Red poster

Want some Poster Design Inspiration? Then check out these designs by Marius Roosendaal, a graphic designer from the Netherlands. Be it a fractal design, geometric shape, retro poster or pattern, he has a unique and in-your-face style that grabs attention:

Get Your Own Back to the Future Marty Hat

If you’ve seen the Back to the Future movies, you’ll notice the classic “Marty Hat“. Yeah, it isn’t very cool to look at, but what make it unique is the 1980’s retro nature of the design—and that Marty McFly wore it (Michael J Fox)! See the image below…

Back to the Future Marty Hat Replica

Man wearing the Back to the Future Marty Hat

Retro iMac Light

Retro iMac Light image

I once had a light-up Apple logo (yeah, the retro coloured and striped version) up in my office. After seeing this iMac light, it pales in comparison. I have used one of these machines ‘back in the day’, but now, I think retro-fitting them with lights is the way to go…

Retro USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard

I’ve used my iPad in many ways before, but I’ve never used a retro-style ‘USB typewriter computer keyboard’ with it! But this is exactly what the online store USBtypewriter has brought to the market place. No doubt it would be a great conversational piece, and some retro fans may be into this kind of thing I suppose. It looks great, I must admit. Take a look at the rest of the photos…

USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard image