Authentic Artist Lego Art by Marco Sodano

lego mona lisa

This quirky set of poster designs were created by Italian art director, Marco Sodano. He states the concept behind these works is that “all the children are authentic artists with Lego”. See the other two images below…

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lego art painting


The Lego Birds of Great Britain

I’ve just published the post SuperHeroes Made of Lego this week, but I just noticed this excellent Lego set─and decided to feature it! These wonderful Lego birds of Great Britain was created by English creative, Detomaso. I live in Northern England, and have seen many birds in my own back garden, which has a few trees in it. Like in the examples below, I’ve seen a Great-Spotted Woodpecker (the last image), Blue Tits and Robins. Enjoy the plastic recreations of these cute little chirpers below…

Lego Bobby Robin

Lego Bobby Robin image

Repurposed Plastic Dinosaur Planters

Like plants on your desk? Er, do you you like Repurposed Plastic Dinosaurs on your desk as well? If so, I think you’ll love these quirky planters. They were all originally just multi-coloured dinosaurs. However, thanks to the unique repurposing techniques of Crazycouture, these hot-pink, dazzling-green and bright-red dino’s can conquer your workspace. See the rest of the gallery below…

Lime-green repurposed plastic dinosaur

Toy Boarders

toy boarders figures image

Here’s a great spin on the classic Toy Soldier─it’s the Toy Boarder (short for Toy Skate-Boarder). Watch the video at the end of this post to see what you can do with these bad boys!

Rainbow Cassettes

rainbow cassette print image

I think this Rainbow Cassette print is pretty amazing. I can fondly remember the times I spent winding the tape back onto the spools after my tape player screwed it up. Those were the days! Can you remember them?

Translucent, Trendy and Transparent Chairs

transparent chair image

These stunning chairs were expertly made by the designers at The majority of these ‘ghost chairs’ are translucent, and when someone sits on them, there’s an illusion of a semi transparent chair. The example shown below has a bronze colour, and is different from the rest, but they are all made from 4mm polyester sheets and each one is a one-off.