Fascinating Festive Christmas Ornaments by Jasen Melnick

These Christmas Ornaments, as Jasen Melnick describes them, are festive Christmas ornaments made from cut paper ‘and craftiness’! Check out the elegant paper creations below…

closeup of Christmas Ornament

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Fanned-out paper cuts

Christmas Ornaments pattern

Christmas ornaments that I made as presents for friends and family this season. I have a passion for patterns and these were a special treat to make, and very easy at that!

Further information: “Fascinating Festive Christmas Ornaments by Jasen Melnick” – images copyright © Jasen Melnick. Please head over and see the rest of his work.


Atype Paper Art by Lobulo Design

If you’ve been following this blog for any length if time, I’m sure you’ll know that I love paper art. So much so, I even have a whole site dedicated to it aptly named Paper Art Love! Here’s a set of fantastic letter “A’s” from a project entitled Atype by Lobulo Design. See the animation Gif below and then the rest. Enjoy…

A letter animation

Purple Letter

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Paper Cutting Art by Mikito Ozeki [VIDEO]

Creative Mikito Ozeki gets to work creating paper cutting art with a large sheet of black card—with stunning results. Watch as he cuts out shapes with seemingly, no guide lines to aid his paper art. He certainly is a talenty guy. See the video after the screenshots below…

Paper Cutting art by Mikito Ozeki image 1

Tree Art by Julie Dodd

Logging segments

These unique tree art ‘sculptures’ were created by talented creative, Julie Dodd. She has used a style of paper art to construct tree-segment representations, expertly forming the inner growth rings. The reason for this work (which currently reside in the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, New York) is quite clear in the title: Statement – Illegal Logging…

Geometric Sculptures made from Cold Hard Cash

Dodecahedron made of money

These unusual geometric sculptures by Kristi Malakoff are made from varied currency notes from across the globe. Each ‘sculpture’ is constructed from bills that have been folded and adhered together. Don’t you think they’re great? My favourite is the football (soccer ball) one. Take a look at the rest of the gallery…

Delightful Paper Record Player

I thought this paper record player invite was pretty amazing. Watch the video (by kellianderson) after the screenshots to see what happens!

This is a wedding invitation for my friends Karen and Mike. We created a paper record player to house + play a flexi disc pressed with their original song, inviting guests to the wedding [read more].

Paper Record Player image

Quilled Paper Art by Lisa Nilsson

This wonderful Quilled Paper Art was created by American artist Lisa Nilsson for her Tissue Series. She uses sections of Japanese mulberry paper to make these stunning works of art. Each piece is housed in a wooden box to frame the work, which can take several weeks to complete. Enjoy the gallery…

paper head

Origami Paper Art by Jing Zhang

Origami Peacocks image

Check out these clever origami paper art illustrations by Jing Zhang. I really like the Peacocks one shown above, and the rest of the work is really creative as well. Jing is an illustrator and designer in London, UK, and has produced fantastic work for Future Publishing, Digital Arts, Ford and Volvo. I’m sure these unique illustrations will net Jing more great clients in the future, too.