For a Special Christmas Tea Party…

christmas tea party image

Try this for a special Christmas Tea Party – green tree-shaped tea-bag tags with matching box. The whole idea behind this conceptual design is to get two people sharing at Christmas. As can be seen, the tree is to be torn in half so the two tea bags can be used in separate cups. This concept was dreamed-up by a bunch of designers from Mint. Fantastic idea…

A Showcase of Creative, Unconventional Product Packaging Designs

The design of a product is complimented enormously by the design of the packaging it comes in. This is something that Apple, who value design more than any of their rivals, appreciate – and it explains the huge number of “unboxing” videos that appear with each new MacBook, iPad and iPhone launch. But it’s not just the high tech companies that appreciate the art of presenting the product well. Product packaging design has become a highly prized artform over the years, helping to draw attention to new products and helping others to stand out on the shelves.

There are few limitations when it comes to product packaging design. A design that stands out and is both remarkable and memorable can be the difference between a product that gets sold and a product that sits on the shelf gathering dust – so creativity and ingenuity are highly prized. We’ve brought together a collection of beautifully designed, creative & unusual product packaging designs. Some are for genuine commercial products, others are student designs and concepts – but all of them have that spark of creativity that makes them stand out from the rest. We hope you find them a useful source of inspiration for your next project.