Incredible Resin and Travertine Marble Tables by Alexandre Chapelin

Travertine and Marble Resin table design

The coffee table in my living room is made by IKEA, and it does it’s job. I must admit, though, that it looks very boring—especially comparing to this fantastic Lagoon Table by designer, Alexandre Chapelin. These tables are made from a travertine base, which is partially encapsulated by resin to form the appearance of water. I reckon they are far more expensive than my table, though! See the table from different angles here…

Crashing, Smashing & Breaking Ocean Waves – Captured & Frozen

inspiring waves photo

I think these images of breaking waves are fantastic, to say the least. I can remember many times being stood on one of the northern beaches (here in Britain), staring into the captivating waves. What photographer Pierre Carreau has managed to do is expertly capture waves in motion by utilising slow-shutter speeds and other photographic methods to instantly freeze a micro-split second of time.

You wouldn’t be able to see waves as they appear in these photos without such photographic technology, but thanks to Carreau we can see them in their splendor. Here is a set of ten of these images for you to view, where you can see the sheer variety of what he has managed to capture. No doubt he spent many hours waiting for that perfect picture…

Gallery // Crashing, Smashing & Breaking Ocean Waves…

frozen waves photo

still waves photo

crashing waves photo

frozen waves photography

★ Please see original Design Soak Article for more images in this set.

For more information about slow speed photography, check out this article about Shutter speeds over on Wikipedia.

Here’s a short selection of Pierre’s Biography:

Born in 1972 near Paris, Pierre Carreau grew up surrounded by artistic influences in a family that included a photographer, sculptors and painters. Perhaps in reaction to this subtle pressure, he chose initially to pursue a different path and graduated from university with a degree in business. Yet the soul of the artist would not be repressed, and after a number of years working in the IT industry, Carreau returned to his roots and became a professional photographer [read more].

Further Information // “Crashing, Smashing & Breaking Ocean Waves – Captured & Frozen” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Pierre Carreau.

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Humanity’s Effect On Earth [VIDEO]

This absolutely stunning video was made by Globaia, an organisation that aims to educate people about globalisation and the effect we have on our planet. The video starts by showing the UK (where I live), then moves onto the rest of the world. The video shows how networks and trade-routes are connected across the globe. Also, it shows the major ocean travel routes and an array of other connections.

USA trade map

As it progresses, the Earth becomes transparent so you can see the entire World at once, with all the connections in place. Finally, the short movie shows how the Icecaps melt and refreeze in their seasons. It’s well worth a watch, and I dare say it’s the most interesting I think you’ll see for a long time to come. Enjoy the video after the screenshots…

10 Weird Sea Creatures

This selection of weird sea creatures (that are actually quite beautiful) were photographed by talented diver, Alexander Semenov. From what appears to be worms, snakes, crustaceans and other marine species, these images are absolutely stunning. Last year, I can rememberwatching a program on National Geographic, which showed varied creatures of the deep. Every since watching the program, I’ve been fascinated by the colour, shape and variety of God’s creations in the Earth’s oceans. I’ve chosen a selection of 10 images to show you below, but there are more over on Alexander’s profile. Enjoy these and be amazed…

weird sea creature