10 Colorful Illustrations by Ric Stultz

working the angles

These amazing colorful illustrations are by artist Ric Stultz. They are painted with gouache, gesso & ink on paper. Ric has a great and distinctive painting style, which I think you’ll agree is totally unique. Although he’s produced and exhibited many more

Crochet Star Wars Figures and DIY Confetti Sticks: Design Inspiration #4

Here’s another roundup of fantastic design inspiration to give your eyes a real treat! There’s a great Psychology of Color Infographic, along with some quirky Crochet Star Wars figures and some funky DIY Confetti Sticks, too. Check them out…

Wildlife Photography with Illustration

Really clever concept you will are showing stags and colour formations in the antlers

A Blaze of Colour: Fish Photos Gallery by Visarute Angkatavanich

These images were taken by talented Thai photographer, Visarute Angkatavanich. The gallery below shows a selection of his sea life photos, which include many Siamese fighting fish in crystal-clear waters. The clarity of the photographic work is excellent, with the focus and lighting of the fishes professionally balanced. Take a close look at the images below—my favourite is the white fish on the black background, what’s yours?

Fish Photos Gallery

red and blur fish photo
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blue fish photos
white and orange fish fish photo
spiky fish photo


Eerie Photography by Michael Kenna

Michael Kenna photography

This eerie photography selection is by English photographer, Michael Kenna, who currently resides in Washington, USA. I think his varied work is fantastic, and reminds me very much of the work ofJim Kazanjian. The gallery below shows a variety of his work, from images of Easter Island to statues in China. Enjoy…