Miniature Sculptures That Will Amaze You

miniature sculpture of pizza

These miniature sculptures were created by talented sculptor, Shay Aaron. Based in Tel Aviv, he creates food items at very small scale. As can be seen in the miniature sculpture of pizza above, the tiny works of art easily fit onto a finger tip. I think they’re just really funky little creations. One of my favourites is the pepperoni sandwich at the end of the post. What’s yours?

Superbly Sculptured Bonsai Trees and Miniatures

Hotel de Michelin image

These wonderful little creations were created by Japanese artist, Takanori Aiba, who builds miniature trees and other constructions onto platforms, rocks and other media. They are made form a variety of materials, including stone clay, paper, acrylic resin, steel wire and other recycled packaging. My favourite ones are the “Hotel de Michelin” one (above) and the Bonsai Tree at the end of this post. Which ones do you like?

Miniature Worlds by Frank Kunert

miniature worlds

These captivating miniature worlds were sculpted and photographed by creative, Frank Kunert. The most fascinating thing about these works isn’t the fact that they’re small─it’s what the models are of. Showing scenarios that don’t appear in real life, curiosities and paradoxes have been created. My favourite image is the curved basketball court, but I really like the ‘road to nowhere’, too.

A Day in the life of New York City

A Day in the life of New York City

This stunning stop/start video is named “Sandpit”, and shows a day in the life of New York City. Having access to some of New York’s rooftops and balconies, videographer Sam O’Hare shot the movie with a camera on fully manual and the automatic vignette removal turned off. I think the movie is totally surreal. To check it out, watch the video near the end of this post.

Miniature Food

Miniature Food Lemons

Check out these miniature food photos. Well, they’re not actually food, but very small scale models. As can be seen, they’re quite realistic, and you can see the detail that has gone into each one. They were made by Kim Burke, who states “Scouring cookbooks for miniature food inspiration is one of my favorite pastimes. I’m still a polymer clay newbie but completely addicted.” My favourite one is is the jar of cookies at the end of this post. I also love the ham too. They’re all great, and there’s a couple of “how-to” videos after the photos, too.