Felt Art by Lauren O. Venell

sliced bacon

This felt art by Lauren O. Venell uses fleece, felt, thread, stuffing and wool yarn. The work was commissioned by the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, PA (USA) for an exhibition they were holding. This exhibition, named “DIY: a Revolution in Handicrafts” was originally set up at an “EAT Space”. Their unique installation includes four large soft sculpture meats to be hung from the ceiling behind a deli case, amongst other things.


You’d normally associate materials like felt and stuffing to be used in teddy bears—this is what has captivated me most with this felt art style work. This whole exhibition turns ‘everything on its head’. Near the end of this post, check out the menu items. I think you’ll be surprised at the interesting facts about meat on there…

bottom me attrays

Salami Notes

I just came across these and thought they were pretty cool! I have a stack of various sticky notes of differing shapes and sizes next to my computer, so I know how useful they are. If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ll see how uniquely-useful these would be─and they’re totally different from your ‘standard’ post-it note! The Salami Notes (in stacks of 1000) can be purchased here.

Salami Notes

Brilliant Custom BBQ Branding Iron

Custom BBQ Branding Iron image

Check out this custom BBQ Branding Iron! Now, you can “Be the Man”…unless you’re a woman, of course. So yeah, you can add your mark to any steak or burger, and if someone gets food poisoning at your latest get-together—you know who to blame! Available here (Not an affiliate link).