10 Stunning Marble iPhone Cases for the iPhone, iPod and Samsung Phones – Marble Effect Skins

Check out this selection of Marble iPhone Cases that are now available to buy. You can get any of these for the latest iPhone (including the larger ‘Plus’ models), iPod and Galaxy Phones,,,

Colorful Marble iPhone Case

colored marble iphone case image

Wow! I love this Colorful Marble iPhone Case. Looks really authentic and genuine, too!

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Incredible Resin and Travertine Marble Tables by Alexandre Chapelin

Travertine and Marble Resin table design

The coffee table in my living room is made by IKEA, and it does it’s job. I must admit, though, that it looks very boring—especially comparing to this fantastic Lagoon Table by designer, Alexandre Chapelin. These tables are made from a travertine base, which is partially encapsulated by resin to form the appearance of water. I reckon they are far more expensive than my table, though! See the table from different angles here…