Goodnight Hong Kong, London, New York, Sydney

Goodnight Hong Kong, London, New York and Sydney; these stunning birds-eye view photographs do these great cities justice (above shot is of Hong Kong). At night, the appearance of megacities really comes alive when lit-up by their fluorescent counterparts:

Metallic Ink in Water and Cotton Candy Punch: Design Inspiration #7

Welcome to Design Soak’s Design Inspiration #7. In this new round of sheer inspiration, we have the infamous Chewy from StarWars, cotton candy party punch, an adorable miniature octopus, a London Underground Tube poster, Moleskine Sketches by Catie Cook and Metallic Ink in water by Albert SevesoIl! Enjoy…

design inspiration - Geo landscape

design inspiration - London Underground tube poster


City Posters Show Tall Buildings in London and New York

City posters header image

Dublin-based Studio Me&Him&You, founded by Peter Dillon and Ronan O’Gara, created these simple and minimalist set of city posters. Each design shows a major city, and displays the tallest buildings (which are also the most recognisable in each one).

See also: Goodnight Hong Kong, London, New York, Sydney.