Prominent Brands Color-Swapped with Competitor Logos

Image of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts logos

These interesting designs were created by Brazilian graphic designer, Paula Rúpolo. Apparently, Paula was working on another logo design when she began to research into various brands and their color schemes. As part of this research, she swapped-out the colors of prominate and famous brand logos, including comparisons form the likes of Playmobil and LEGO (see further down this post).

A Collection of Beautiful, Remarkable and Creative Logos

If you’re designing a brand identity, keep in mind that a brand mark or logo works best when it stands out and is memorable. Great logos don’t just suit the personality and style of the company – they also do a good job of grabbing your attention and being remarkable. Of course, this can be incredibly difficult to achieve – as it’s a lot to keep in mind when designing a logo that often needs to look good in a variety of sizes and still remain clear and easy to see.