Top 15 Adobe Muse Templates CC

If you’re into making websites without the hassle of coding, then Adobe Muse CC may be the creative software package for you. Here is a list of the top 15 Adobe Muse Templates available on Theme Forest. Of course, there’s plenty more to choose from too, but check these out and get some ideas! Disclaimer – this post includes affiliate links.

Rombo – Multipurpose Portfolio Muse Template

A stunning yellow Multipurpose Portfolio Muse Template

Rombo – fresh Adobe Muse template, creative multipurpose portfolio for any needs. It’s simple and clean, cool lookin’ one page template designed for creative agency, freelancers, digital artists, corporate users or any others creative people. With parallax effects and Edge Animate animation included in this project you may create unique portfolio without writing code!


ODRA – Creative Multi-Purpose Adobe Muse Templates Set

Image - A clean Adobe Muse template designed for Portfolio, Creative, Photography, Landing, Agency or Multipurpose

ODRA – Creative Multi-Purpose Muse Template. ODRA is a modern and clean Adobe Muse template designed for Portfolio, Creative, Photography, Landing, Agency or Multipurpose. To edit this template with Adobe Muse is very easy! You can change colors, texts or replace the images in a few minutes. Desktop Tablet and Mobile version are included!


Tersus – Business Portfolio Parallax Muse Template

Image - Tersus - Business Portfolio Parallax Muse Template

TERSUS is a compilation of multiple Muse website templates. Developed and decoded with the Muse CC, all templates have been designed to help you create an outstanding, elegant and professional look online business portfolio. Showcase your top-notch works in superbly attractive and effective way with confident and in style. Get Tersus now!


160+ Cool Photoshop Tutorials to Help & Inspire You!

Look no further. This showcase may be the ultimate resource for all your Adobe Photoshop and PhotoShop CC tutorial needs! You can learn so much from these 160+ Cool Photoshop tutorials, which include everything from using the editing tools, making layouts and posters, and even expert tips and advice. Enjoy…

Image header from cool photoshop tutorials post on design soak magazine

Quick Tips: Instagram your images using Photoshop

Instagram Photoshop effect from cool tuts list

Instagram reinvented the photo sharing on our social media structure. It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your pictures to friends and family. And what I like the most about Instagram, are the various schemes that offers you to filter your pictures with your own little touch [link].

red glass with bubbles

Cool Photoshop Tutorial: Selections are an essential part of any photo editing workflow, but often, selections aren’t as straight-forward as they might seem. In this tutorial we will explain how to make a selection of a glass that includes transparent elements [link].

Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop tutorial: Create a low-poly portrait

Breno Bitencourt complete cool Photoshop tutorial

Here Brazilian designer Breno Bitencourt shows you step-by-step how to create a stylish low-poly portrait in Illustrator and Photoshop. The secret to creating works in this style is working from the best reference photos – and first off Breno reveals how to capture these (using himself as a model). He then reveals how to work these up in Photoshop, then create a vector version in Illustrator [link].


Top 10+ Hidden Secret Gardens to Grow Your Curiosity

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post entitled 15 Stunning Urban Gardens that Inspire. Well, now I have another round-up for you, but this time showing some stunning secret gardens from across the globe. Over the past couple of weeks, I have visited 2 massive mansions with even bigger gardens here in England, and both of these had hidden gardens too. So—I felt inspired to write a post showcasing some impressive examples…

Chestnut Street Secret Garden

Image of Chestnut Street Hidden Garden

Image of Labyrinth Style Secret Garden

Image of Labyrinth Style Garden


1 // Secret Garden with Table and Chairs

Image of Garden with Table and Chairs

2 // Hidden Garden with Tables and Log Structure

Image of Hidden Secret Garden with Tables

3 // Hidden Garden shows Chequered Grass Squares

Image of Hidden Garden shows Chequered Grass Squares

4 // Secret Garden Sanctuary that is Surrounded by Colorful Plants

Image of a Secret Garden Sanctuary that is Surrounded by Colorful Plants

5 // Secretive Garden Swimming Pool Nested within Large Buildings

Image of Secret Garden Swimming Pool

See also: Top Treehouse Designs to Heighten Your Senses.

6 // Gate that leads to a Tunnel of Trees and Secret Place?

Image of a Gate that leads to a Tunnel of Trees and Secret Place

7 // Flooded Stairway with Stone Arch Overhead in Secret Garden near Cliff

Image of Flooded Stairway with Stone Arch Overhead in Secret Garden

8 // Secret Rail Road Garden Tunnel reveals Tracks

Image of a Secret Rail Road Garden Tunnel reveals Tracks

9 // Chateau Gourden Hidden Garden in the south of France

Image of Chateau Gourden in the south of France.

Entrance to a Secret Garden in Portland, Oregon

Image of Entrance to the Secret Garden in Portland, Oregon

Image Source & Copyright information links: Top Image – Second Image + 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

Further Information // “Top 10+ Hidden Secret Gardens to Grow Your Curiosity” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright their respective holders. Click on any image link to take you to the original source.

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Additional Resources:

Create a Secret Garden

What is a secret garden? It’s a little spot tucked away in the back corner of the yard. It’s a place where you’ll be able to retreat, to sit in the quietude of the summer evenings undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of daily life. You don’t need a lot of room for a secret garden; you can still leave the lawn open and still have flower beds in front of the house. Mostly, you’ll need a place where you can tuck a chair, a few plants, and, if possible, a couple of hedges… [read more here].

Hide and seek: Alan Titchmarsh’s tips on creating a secret garden

Some parts of the garden are for the rest of the world to admire. Others are for you to disappear to when you don’t want to be found. Of course, that’s easy enough to arrange when you have lots of land with space for the kids to run round and a few bijou Hidcote or Sissinghurst-style “garden rooms” for the adults to enjoy. But when your garden is on the small side, you might think it’s a tall order. Well, you’re wrong. The mistake a lot of people make is to surround a small garden with high fences then plonk a lawn in the middle and borders round the edge. Far from making the most of the area, that just makes it look a lot smaller and more boring… [read more here].

Creating a Secret Garden

On a corner lot in the city, with an alley running along the back, it can be quite a challenge to create private outdoor space. Holly Fliniau knows, because that’s exactly the situation she faced when she moved into this Denver home, in 1993. She didn’t really have a plan when she started landscaping the property, but what evolved could be a textbook example of good garden design. She created a series of “rooms” that flow into one another and yet each have a distinct sense of place… [read more here].

20+ Awesome Business Card Designs

A while ago, I designed some great-looking awesome business cards to advertise my design services, and at the time I was pleased with the originality of my own design. Fast-forward a few years, and now I’ve seen that many designers have created some cards that are truly amazing and original. Today, I’ve taken a look at many examples of some great business card designs and concepts and included 20+ of the best ones I could find. I particularly like the Holographic Business Card printed onto clear plastic. What’s your favourite?

Burn The Book – Letterpress Business Card Design

Burn The Book - letterpress business card Design

Copyright & Source Information here.

Orange business Card Design printed on Orange-Edged Paper Stock

Image of a fantastic Orange business Card Design printed on Orange-Edged Paper Stock

★ See the rest of these images over on Design Soak.

13 Unusual Pool Tables

unusual pool tables

Here are some very unusual pool tables for you to take a peek at. I bet you’ve played on one before, right? It may well have been a boring green-clothed and wooden construction with little appeal. In response to this, some clever designers have created everything from crystal-glass tops to Ford Mustang enclosures. I hope you enjoy the pics….

Wonderfully Clever Bench Advertising

bench advertising header image

We’ve all seen standard ads, but what about bench advertising? This post shows 10 great examples how creatives have turned the humble bench into wonderfully clever adverts:

Denver Water Benches

Orange Water Benches

Denver (USA) Water Benches shows the message “How much water you give to your lawn … How much it really needs.” [© Sukle, USA : via]

BMX Bench Advertisement

bmx bench

Pretty unique bench advertisement produced for BMX Rider Magazine [link].

Slim Fast Promotional Bench

Slimfast Narrow bench

Very clever Slim Fast Promotional Bench concept. Although, it’s rather worrying that some modern-day models would fit on this! [link].

Stadium Seat Bench Advertising

Striped Bench

‘Stadium Seat’ bench ad for TV company, Telia, where people are encouraged to ‘watch TV anywhere’. Football fans who used the benches could watch live football on their mobile phones [Full story link © art Director: Henric Almquist].

Becherovka “Get Closer” Park Bench

Blue park bench

The Becherovka “Get Closer” Park Bench. This would definitely get noticed. The site explains: “Becherovka is a traditional Czech liquor enjoyed my men and women. Long-term communication strategy of Becherovka is captured is a slogan: Get closes. That’s why our Becherovka bench is specially designed to help people do just that.” [© link]

Bench Advertising for Homeless Charity

Arrels Fundacio Bench

Arrels Fundacio Bench. The surrounding ground reads “For many people in Barcelona this is their home. Give Barcelona a roof. Arrels Foundation” [© Altraforma, Spain : via].

Erasco Bench Advertisement

Iberasco Bench Ad

The image above is for the foreign branded hot-drink Iberasco [link].

Kit-Kat® Bench Advertising

kitkat bench

A bench that represents Kit-Kat® chocolate bar segments…Choctastic [link].

First Ontario Credit Union’s Bench

Credit Union Bench

First Ontario Credit Union’s “Extra Safe” Bench advertisement [© TBWA\Toronto : via]

Chair Lift Bench Ad

chairlift bench

“In select locations across Toronto, a new campaign from Travel Alberta puts transit riders into chair lifts climbing high into the Rockies.” [link : via]

All images above are copyright © of their respective holders.

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