Symmetry Video Shows Reflections of Living

Symmetry is a unique video from Everynone, which seems to explore the simple relationships between two “mirrored events” in everyday life. It’s quite hard to articulate, so watch the short movie to see what it’s all about. It won the Vimeo best video award last year, but it’s still a great watch even now! I’m sure you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see…

Watch the Video Below:

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Here is a gallery of screenshots from the above movie, showing the types of ‘reflections’ and comparisons the video makers’ created:

Heart and Brain

Heart and Brain


10 Misconceptions Dispelled

I love this great infographic named “10 more common misconceptions dispelled“. The misconceptions such as alcohol ‘cooks out’ food, diamonds are formed from coal …and camel humps are full of water!

The image is from {+copyright}

10 more common misconceptions dispelled image