10 Stunning Marble iPhone Cases for the iPhone, iPod and Samsung Phones – Marble Effect Skins

Check out this selection of Marble iPhone Cases that are now available to buy. You can get any of these for the latest iPhone (including the larger ‘Plus’ models), iPod and Galaxy Phones,,,

Colorful Marble iPhone Case

colored marble iphone case image

Wow! I love this Colorful Marble iPhone Case. Looks really authentic and genuine, too!

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Sponsored Video: [GALAXY Note II] Bill Schwab Designs Wreck-it Ralph!

In this sponsored video, Bill Schwab, animator of the Disney movie Wreck it Ralph, shows you how to draw the main character, Ralph, using the new GALAXY Note II. He uses the phones’ pencil & pen settings, then adds colour to the digital sketch to create a little masterpiece! After this, he uses the rich features of the phone to demonstrate how to compile a few Wreck-it Ralph images into a sort-of ecard. I went to see this movie a couple of weeks ago with my wife and kids, so I can highly recommend the movie, too.

Watch the Sponsored Video Below:

Check out this new video how the GALAXY Note II can be source of inspiration to create and.. to draw!

Social Media Monopoly

Image of a Social Media Monopoly Board

Social Media Monopoly Board: Race around the board picking up smartphones and computers but make sure you don’t get sent to MySpace or you’ll risk losing everything, including your reputation [read more here].

Found via Neatorama. If you liked this post, also take a look at How to Build a Twitter Birdhouse.

Wood iPhone Back Panel by Monolith

Wood iPhone Back Panel image

Wood iPhone Back Panel by Monolith: “Monolith iPhone backs are handmade from solid hardwood in Austin, Texas. Unlike stick on decals, they completely replace the original glass back of your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S leaving the thickness unchanged and removing one of the most fragile and often broken parts.” Read more here.

iPhone Diorama

iPhone Diorama is a stunningly-creative short video by Mike Ko, a student from California, Los Angeles. When I say short, I mean short, so be sure to watch the video after the screenshots. What’s it about? Well, in a nut-shell, pink and green houses pop up out of an iPhone and cars ride down the road. It sounds simple, but it took Mike three months to complete. It’s intricate, well-executed and visually quite amazing. It has a great soundtrack, too…

iphone diorama screenshot

iPhone Notebook

iphone notebook image

I love this iPhone Notebook idea, which is a notebook that can contain and hold your smartphone (as long as it’s no bigger than an iPhone I suppose). I think it’ll be especially useful if you want to take a stroll with a notebook and no pockets! See the rest of the images for a better look…