Stunning Dog Trash Can Ad Campaign

dog trash can image 1

I love this set of poster ads for “Dog Chow” pet food. The strapline ‘Stop treating your dog like a trashcan’ explains this series of bin/dog hybrids rather well, don’t you think?

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The way that the dogs’ eyes are fixed upon their owners dumping leftovers into their mouths is a nice touch. However, didn’t anyone doing market research tell ‘Dog Chow’ that dogs actually like leftover food? See the rest of the images below…

image of a dog trash can


10 Stunning Glow In The Dark Objects

Glow-in-the-Dark objects image

Check out these amazing Glow In The Dark Objects, such as nail polish, iPhone skin, bike frame and even a toilet roll! So, if you are either for ever losing your stuff, or just like it glowing in the dark gloom, then some of these may be for you…

LED “Bocce” Ball

Glow in the