Crochet Star Wars Figures and DIY Confetti Sticks: Design Inspiration #4

Here’s another roundup of fantastic design inspiration to give your eyes a real treat! There’s a great Psychology of Color Infographic, along with some quirky Crochet Star Wars figures and some funky DIY Confetti Sticks, too. Check them out…

Wildlife Photography with Illustration

Really clever concept you will are showing stags and colour formations in the antlers

Paper Cutting Art by Mikito Ozeki [VIDEO]

Creative Mikito Ozeki gets to work creating paper cutting art with a large sheet of black card—with stunning results. Watch as he cuts out shapes with seemingly, no guide lines to aid his paper art. He certainly is a talenty guy. See the video after the screenshots below…

Paper Cutting art by Mikito Ozeki image 1

Book Ring

blue ring with book

The “Book Ring” is a quirky little item of jewelery created by Ana Cardim. She explains:

A ring that is a book or a book turned into ring … there “ always to the hand” to write thoughts, messages, notes, telephones …etc. An alone book or two decorative overlays … in an alone gesture the elastic will free the blank leaves … leaving from there everything is possible [read more].

I think it’s a great novelty item, but I doubt anyone would wear this all the time. It would, however, be great for certain occasions and parties, etc. Maybe in’s the old-school alternative to an iPad watch…

Delightful Paper Record Player

I thought this paper record player invite was pretty amazing. Watch the video (by kellianderson) after the screenshots to see what happens!

This is a wedding invitation for my friends Karen and Mike. We created a paper record player to house + play a flexi disc pressed with their original song, inviting guests to the wedding [read more].

Paper Record Player image

Quilled Paper Art by Lisa Nilsson

This wonderful Quilled Paper Art was created by American artist Lisa Nilsson for her Tissue Series. She uses sections of Japanese mulberry paper to make these stunning works of art. Each piece is housed in a wooden box to frame the work, which can take several weeks to complete. Enjoy the gallery…

paper head

Craft Bucket

Image of red craft bucket

Here’s a Craft Bucket selection for your enjoyment. With varied uses from craft-works to kids toy-keepers, there’s no limit to the imagination used to create these home-made buckets! Above: Fabric Bucket for the scrap-booker [via].