Animal Hand Tattoos

Unique kids animal hand tattoos. Has your child has ever asked you to make a puppet from an old smelly sock? Have you created some other kind of weird creature of of paper and sticky tape? If so, these may be for you—Animal Hand Tattoos and Monster Hand Tattoos.

Animal Hand Tattoo

5 Fantastic Artworks by Federico Uribe

Here are 5 stunning pieces of artwork by Federico Uribe. As can be seen, the artworks are made from everyday objects, such as jigsaw pieces, pencils and coins. I can remember back in the days of art class, where there wasn’t a computer in sight. All we had to work with were pencils, coloured pastels, vaious paints, and of course – pencils! The ends of these were either thrown away or simply put back into the art trays. No-one ever used used them, so it’s good to see an artist like Uribe find such a fantastic use for the old pencil-ends and suchlike…

Federico Uribe

Prominent Brands Color-Swapped with Competitor Logos

Image of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts logos

These interesting designs were created by Brazilian graphic designer, Paula Rúpolo. Apparently, Paula was working on another logo design when she began to research into various brands and their color schemes. As part of this research, she swapped-out the colors of prominate and famous brand logos, including comparisons form the likes of Playmobil and LEGO (see further down this post).

Amfursands: Fur-Decorated Ampersands by David McLeod

This project kind of reminds me of the ‘Freaky Human Typeface‘ that was featured previously here on Design Soak. Designer David McLeod, in this case, has created a visually-stunning set of typographic ampersands that are shrouded in realistic-looking fur. He entitled the set ‘Amfursands’. Get it?

black and white fur type image

The Alluring Secret Lives of Fruits and Vegetables by Maciek Jasik

green fruit filled with smoke

This amazing set of photos was taken as part of a series by photographer Maciek Jasik. Entitled ‘The Secret Lives of Fruits and Vegetables‘, many of these fruits and vegetables, including an eggplant, squash, cauliflower, a red pepper and various melons have holes in them, whereby colored smoke spills out. Fantastic…

Insightful Daily Routines of Famous Creative People

The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People infographic

I’m lovin’ this clever chart designed by Podio showing how the daily routines of famous creatives are broken-down by various aspects, such as sleep, food, exercise and creative work. All the information presented in it comes from the book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey. Via Coudal.

Turns out great minds don’t think alike. Discover how some of the world’s most original artists, writers and musicians structured their day, based on ‘Daily Rituals’ by Mason Currey. Filter the different categories by toggling on or off, and hover over the colored bars to learn more about the daily routines.

Further Information // “Insightful Daily Routines of Famous Creative People” // The image shown within this post is © Copyright Podio.

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Master of Colour and Geometric Composition, Andy Gilmore

These creative geometric compositional illustrations were expertly crafted by American designer, Andy Gilmore. You can see more of his work over on his site. I’ve selected 12 images to showcase entitled “Vegetable Chemistry” in the gallery below. Enjoy…

Gallery // Andy Gilmore: Master of Colour and Geometric Composition

Geometric Composition image

 Andy Gilmore artwork


…More Images in the original Design Soak Article.

triangke pattern

Further Information // “Master of Colour and Geometric Composition, Andy Gilmore” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Andy Gilmore. Please visit his site for more fantastic work.

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Epic Artwork by the Emperor of Antarctica

clouds of colour

I just found this kind-of weird, yet original inspiring illustrative artwork by creative, Christian Zander of ‘the Emperor of Antarctica‘ studio…

colourful mashup

stripey art

About the Emperor of Antarctica: Blurring the boundaries between the ambiguity of fine art and the modern aestheticism of graphic design, Copenhagen-based Dane, The Emperor of Antarctica (1983), works in multiple disciplines but communicates his interests and obsessions coherently and consistently across a range of creative platforms [read more].

Emperor of Antarctica artwork

Further Information // “Epic Artwork by the Emperor of Antarctica” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Christian Zander. Please visit his site and portfolio for more fantastic work.

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