3D Printed Candy that is REAL and EDIBLE?

3d printed candy cubes

Can you remember the days when food replicators firth appeared on Star Trek The Next Generation? Apart from Captain Pickard ordering the food and drink dispensers to conjure up “Tea. Earl grey. Hot”, oftentimes, crew members actually ordered food and other sweet things to eat!

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Most Trekkies thought to themselves “I wish that food replicators were real”. Well, fear not, this technology is now solidly in development. No, they don’t work exactly like their science fiction counterparts, but 3D printers are being made right now that can actually print edible food, including sweets and candy made of layered sugar. You can read all about it over on…


The Anatomy of a Candy Piñata

Pinata Anatomy image

Haha! Check out the ‘Anatomy of a Candy Piñata’ shown above. It appears to have little candy tabs for the brain (I think pop-corn would have worked well, too), chocolate hearts, sugar-snake intestines and a sugar-orange stomach. I reckon this photo and concept is really amazing─and I’m sure you love it too!

Credits: This image and design (©) was produced by Carmichaelcollective. Via Laughingsquid.

The Candy Room

Here’s a really clever interior design for The Candy Room. It was designed and created by Melbourne-based studio, Red Design Group. I love the way that the actual store looks like some kind of giant 3D drawing. If you take a look at the images below, you’ll see that everything has the same unique black & white ‘scribbled’ theme…

white sweetshop

Split Candy Bar Pictures by Scandybars

candy bar pictures

These candy bar pictures were featured on Scandybars, a blog dedicated to showcasing chocolate split in half to reveal the insides. Yum. The ones I liked are the Cadbury Creme Egg and the Ferrero Rocher image. I don’t know whether these were scanned-in or photographed, the the end results are ‘sweet’. Sorry, couldn’t resist…

World’s Largest Gumball Machine

World's Largest Gumball Machine image

Image source/copyright here

Wow! This real Gumball Machine contains 20,000 Gumballs and costs $4000!

…Everyone dreams of owning something giant, but few dream of owning a gumball machine. And yet when you put both dreams together you’re left with one of the most ridiculously desirable items in the world.