20+ Awesome Business Card Designs

A while ago, I designed some great-looking awesome business cards to advertise my design services, and at the time I was pleased with the originality of my own design. Fast-forward a few years, and now I’ve seen that many designers have created some cards that are truly amazing and original. Today, I’ve taken a look at many examples of some great business card designs and concepts and included 20+ of the best ones I could find. I particularly like the Holographic Business Card printed onto clear plastic. What’s your favourite?

Burn The Book – Letterpress Business Card Design

Burn The Book - letterpress business card Design

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Orange business Card Design printed on Orange-Edged Paper Stock

Image of a fantastic Orange business Card Design printed on Orange-Edged Paper Stock

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Functional Crayon Business Cards by Dori

Check these out! Canadian design student Dorota Pankowska just contacted me to show some new Crayon Business Cards she has created. By using wax crayons to form the ‘very-functional’ cards, I’m sure these will stand out from the crowd…

Yellow text on Blue background

I’m super excited to show you guys my new creative business cards made out of crayon, for when I really want to make an impression! I love thinking of fun business card ideas – in 2011 was the start of my business coins, and in 2013 I created out of the box business cards. I think these ones are my favourite – they really capture my passion to be creative in professional ways.

Gallery //+ Colorful Crayon Business Cards by Dori

Crayons with cards

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A Collection of Beautiful, Remarkable and Creative Logos

If you’re designing a brand identity, keep in mind that a brand mark or logo works best when it stands out and is memorable. Great logos don’t just suit the personality and style of the company – they also do a good job of grabbing your attention and being remarkable. Of course, this can be incredibly difficult to achieve – as it’s a lot to keep in mind when designing a logo that often needs to look good in a variety of sizes and still remain clear and easy to see.


Top 20 Stupendously Clever Business Card Designs

Annalisa Vargiu Design

Don’t you just love clever business card designs? I think most people are inspired by a card design that makes them want to keep it in their wallet. As a creative designer, I know first-hand the importance of having a card that is memorable. The main aim is to create a card that will be kept and not thrown away. When the budget allows, it’s great to see designers around the world creating fantastic designs that push the boundaries of what can be achieved through print, finishing, die-cuts and an initial great idea! I hope you enjoy the rest of this gallery—please share it. Above: Annalisa Vargiu Business Card Design [link].