Lovely Little Pop-up Poem Book Calendar

Check out this lovely little poetry cut-out paper book by Hungarian graphic designer, Éva Somogyi

Calendar Pop-up Poem Book image 1

Calendar Pop-up Poem Book image 2

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Calendar Pop-up Poem Book image 6

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Inspiration Pad. Think You’ve Seen a Notepad? Think Again!

Irregular notebook lines
These notebooks (called Inspiration pads) were created by Brussels based design & advertising studio, “TM”, spearheaded by designer Marc Thomasset. He turned the whole concept of a notebook upside-down, and created one that used zig-zags, curls, swirls and angular lines instead of straight ones. Great work — although I’m surprised no one thought of this before…
White pages with blue lines
Inspiration Pad 8


Extraordinary Layered Glass Books and Rocks by Ramon Todo

glass rock globe

When I first saw these extraordinary layered glass books and rocks, I thought they were CGI computer manipulated images. How wrong I was. These photos actually show expertly-crafted pieces of sculpture art, conceptualised and made by Dusseldorf-based artist, Ramon Todo. As you’ll see in the gallery below, he has used different kinds of marble, volcanic rock and even old books to splice with highly-polished glass that effortlessly integrates with the surrounding object…

Gallery: Layered Glass Books and Rocks

Glass books

Volcanic rock and glass layer

Block of rock with layered glass

See These Secret and Intricate Fore-Edge Paintings

See These Secret and Intricate Fore-Edge Paintings

These secret and intricate Fore-Edge Paintings are from the Special Collections & University Archives at the University of Iowa, which were provided by Colleen Theisen. She shared stunning gif animations that show fore-edge painting. The technique used shows painting on the sides of old books, that can only be seen when the pages are spread out (as shown in the images below). The Fore-Edge Paintings shown are based upon the four seasons:

Fore-Edge Painting: Summer

Secret Fore-Edge Painting for Summer

Book animation gif

Further Information:

All images and Gif animations displayed within this post are copyright © University of Iowa. Found via Thisiscolossal.

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Quirky Watch Diary – Tell the Time While You Draw

This really funky Watch Diary has a circle caught out of every page. So, while you are writing your next novel or simply sketching away with random thoughts, you can always keep an eye on the time. Good concept? Well, yes, but I reckon this one will appeal to the kids more, but adults will find fun in the concept is well. Check out the images below

Watch Diary

The Watch Diary

RGB Colorspace Atlas Shows Every Colour. Ever.

The RGB Colorspace Atlas was created by artist Tauba Auerbach of New York. This massive ‘book’ she has designed has every variation of RGB colour which can be printed. Co-designed by Daniel E. Kelm, this 8″ squared book is quite a sculpture piece. I think its great…

RGB Colorspace Atlas image 1

Igloo made from Books?

Colombian sculpture artist Miler Lagos has created a really stunning exhibition entitled “Home”. The ‘sculptural work’ was installed at the MagnanMetz Gallery, where the structure was built to be self-supporting. I’ve always wanted to build an igloo, but here in England, snow never gets too deep in Winter! Still, if I had enough books…

book igloo photo