Stunning New Twitter Redesign Concept

Twitter Redesign Concept image

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Maxim Eriomov: According to Alexa Internet, Twitter is ranked as one of the 10 most visited websites worldwide. Daily number of users varies from study to study, because Twitter is not made ​​public the number of active accounts. identified Twitter as the third most used social network with 6 million unique visitors a month and 55 million monthly visits …and he needs a new look!

Stunning New Twitter Redesign Concept >> The above image is copyright © Maxim Eriomov. Head over to his profile for more of his fascinating work!

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How to Build a Twitter Birdhouse

If you’re at at your computer right now and bored with the “real” Twitter, then take a look at a paper version. Yes, the Twitter Bird-House is a simple construction that can be simply made with paper and your home printer. Just print off the 2-page PDF (download here) and have fun,!

The concept was dreamed-up by German interaction designer, Mareike Leder who just wants you to have fun by creating your own paper bird house, apparently. So, How to Build a Twitter Birdhouse? Check out the images below which show photos of its construction…

twitter birdhouse blueprints image

The Lego Birds of Great Britain

I’ve just published the post SuperHeroes Made of Lego this week, but I just noticed this excellent Lego set─and decided to feature it! These wonderful Lego birds of Great Britain was created by English creative, Detomaso. I live in Northern England, and have seen many birds in my own back garden, which has a few trees in it. Like in the examples below, I’ve seen a Great-Spotted Woodpecker (the last image), Blue Tits and Robins. Enjoy the plastic recreations of these cute little chirpers below…

Lego Bobby Robin

Lego Bobby Robin image