Bee Humble – Stay Bumble Tee

Bee Humble - Stay Bumble Tee

Lately, I’ve been busy on other projects, and I’ve designing many different T-shirts and other products through various outlets.

Here is my most popular design which I now have available for sale for a limited time on TeeChip. It reads “Bee Humble – Stay Bumble”, which is a great play on words! This humble-themed t-shirt is only available for a matter of days, so be quick (and the price is reasonable, too!)

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Bizarre Skeletal Beehive Sculptures Show Intricate Structures

Beehive Sculpture in triangle

Ren Ri created these enigmatic sculptures using bees. Ren builds the initial frameworks for the pieces out of transparent materials and wood, and then he inserts a queen bee into the structure. After the introduction of the rest of the hive, he then rotates the structures daily by using a die to dictate which way it should be rotated. This then causes the bees to build in varied directions because of the force of gravity. It is this method that gives these sculptures a unique look, with each one being different from the other.

Gallery // Beehive Sculptures Show Intricate Structures:

Beehive Sculpture hexigons

Beehive Sculpture image

Beehive 3D

I think these bee Sculptures are very unique, and I haven’t seen anything quite like them. It’s important at this time, too, to note that the World’s Bee population is decreasing year-on-year, so I reckon it’s a good thing to view how great bees and and what they actually do for the world — pollinate all the flowers and crops!

Further Information // “Bizarre Skeletal Beehive Sculptures Show Intricate Structures” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Ren Ri. Please head over to his website and check out more of his work. Via Colossal.

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