15 Top Adobe Lightroom Tutorials + Extras!

Check out these top Adobe Lightroom tutorials, with a few added resources at the end of the post. Adobe Lightroom organises your photos and makes them available on your computer, web and mobile phones and tablets – all in one place, essentially. See Also: 160+ Cool Photoshop Tutorials to Help & Inspire You!

How to Use the Graduated Filter Tool in Lightroom

Image of Graduated Filter Tool in Lightroom

Lightroom’s graduated filter can be an extremely useful tool in the right situation. It allows you to impact one area of the photo without impacting others, and it applies the effect gradually like a gradient. In this article we’ll take a look at how the tool works, and we’ll also use it to make some improvements to a sample photo. In this sample we’ll use the graduated filter tool to lighten the lower portion of a photo, and we’ll also use it to enhance the sky [read more].

Lightroom Tutorial: How to Analyze Skin Exposure & Tone

Lightroom cc Lightroom Tutorial: How to Analyze Skin Exposure & Tone

Lightroom displays a histogram on the top right hand corner of the Library and Develop Modules. It shows you the spread of all the pixels in your image from darkest on the left to lightest on the right [read more].

Four Ways to Improve Your Photos with the Clarity Slider in Adobe Lightroom

Image of screenshot for Clarity Slider in Adobe Lightroom

The Clarity slider is one of the most useful in Lightroom when it comes to giving your images extra punch and impact. Today I’m going to show you several ways you can use it to improve your photos. But first, let’s take a look at exactly what the Clarity slider does, and how it differs from its cousin the Contrast slider [read more].

Adobe Lightroom Tutorials – Blurring Backgrounds

Top Adobe Lightroom Tutorials - Image of a wolf on grass

This Lightroom Tutorial will dramatically improve your images by using a powerful feature of Adobe Lightroom to make adjustments to parts of your image. This is known as local adjustments and knowing how to do it in lightroom means you’ll have less need to switch to other editing tools such as photoshop [read more].

Image copyright: www.wildlife-photography-tips.com

Create a Photographic Story in Lightroom with Photo Books

Image of Story in Lightroom with Photo Books

One of the benefits of being the magazine’s publisher (and trust me, there are few) is that at least I get the first crack at choosing which column I want to write, and that’s why I was able to snag this column on the Book module and creating photo books in Lightroom [read more].

How To: Fix and Improve your Photos with Lightroom

Lightroom sky photo

I would first like to point out that in order to get the best results, it is crucial to shoot in RAW format. There is a lot more information contained in a RAW file than a jpeg and all that information will be used to correct and improve your shots [read more].

Turning A Blah Image Around Inside Lightroom 5

Image - Turning A Blah Image Around Inside Lightroom 5

There’s a lot of people out there who will tell you that if you don’t get a shot correct in camera that you’re doing it wrong by trying to turn it around in post production. Others go so far as to tell you to put the camera down all together, trust me I’ve seen it [read more].

Adobe Lightroom Tutorials – Create High Impact Black and White Photos

High impact black and white photography in Adobe Lightroom CC

Have you ever tried converting your photo to black and white but end up getting flat results? This Lightroom tutorial will guide you through the process of creating great black and white photos – no longer will you have to settle for boring flat-toned photos! [read more].

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How to recover blowouts by editing in layers in Lightroom

Top Adobe Lightroom Tutorials - Lightroom CC woman image

I try really hard to nail my exposure in camera and not spend too much time playing around with it in post production. Occasionally though, I’ll expose for the shadows in the face and blow out other important elements. In this case, if I exposed for her hat, I compromised the color in her face when I pulled the exposure slider [read more].

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More Top Adobe Lightroom Tutorials listed below:

How to create Lightroom presets and save time on the computer

Lightroom CC woman photo

If you work smart with Lightroom, it’s possible never to have to carry out the same image-editing task more than once. With Lightroom’s proclivity for presets, no job should ever have to be repeated. It’s simple: want a punchy black-and-white look? How about a subtle vignette, or a cool tonal effect? Just do it once, then make a preset for effortless application to other images forever afterwards [read more].

Lightroom Tutorial: Create and Apply Watermarks to Your Photos

lightroom watermarks tutorial screenshot

What’s the first step? Design the watermark. Lightroom lets you create a text based watermark within its watermark editor, or you can upload a graphic logo created in another program. Access the Watermark Editor by selecting it from the Lightroom menu (Mac) or the Edit menu (PC). You can also access it by selecting Edit Watermark each time you see the watermark drop-down menu [read more].

How to Use the Spot Removal Tool in Adobe Lightroom CC

Image of Spot Removal Tool in Lightroom

Most photographers love Lighroom for its ability to help with managing and organizing photos, as well as the tools in the develop module for working with tones, exposure, curves, and other basic adjustments. When it comes to touching up photos, Lightroom often takes a back seat to Photoshop. Although Photoshop does offer plenty of power and potential for editing and manipulating photos, you may find that Lightroom can actually handle most of the things that you need in your every day work as a photographer [read more].

How to Adjust Black Levels in Lightroom to Create More Balanced Photographs

Adobe Lightroom CC - Adjust Black Levels in Lightroom

This video with Mark Wallace teaches you about innovative photography techniques, particularly with black and white levels. He uses an X-Rite ColorChecker Custom Grayscale Card to help determine exposure as well as how to process the images afterwards in the new Adobe Lightroom 5 [read and see more].

How to Create a Light Leak Effect in Lightroom

Image from top Abobe Lightroom CC Tutorials post on Design Soak Magazine

Light leaks, although sometimes unintentional, can add some character and intrigue to a photo. In many cases light leaks can be used to create a vintage feel. While light leaks are ideally captured in-camera, Lightroom also makes it possible to artificially add a light leak effect [read more].

How to Create a Nice Haze Effect in Lightroom

Top Adobe Lightroom Tutorials - Girl Image from top Abobe Lightroom CC Tutorials post on Design Soak Magazine

Haze can add a nice touch to outdoor photos, from nature photos to portraits. Recreating a hazy effect can easily be done in Lightroom or Photoshop. In this article we’ll go through the simple process of adding haze in Lightroom [read more].

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