Strongboards by Misha Petrick are Superb!

It was only last when I walked into a skateboard store over here in the UK, and bought my son what I thought was a great-looking skateboard. However, after seeing these ‘Strongboards’ by Moscow-based Misha Petrick,I feel like taking it back. Check them out…

Gallery // Strongboards by Misha Petrick

Model S Strongboard by Petrick

Header image of Strongboards by Petrick

Man lifting large weight on skateboard

Strongboards demo

I’ve loved skateboarding since my childhood. I came up with the idea of creating strongboards a long time ago. Finally we have 5 designs, 50 decks with each one. Despite they look like an art object, our decks will be perfect even for professional riders because they made of high quality materials.

Further Information // “Strongboards by Misha Petrick are Superb!” // All the images shown within this post are © Copyright Misha Petrick (Creative Commons). You can see more work and find out how to order a strongboard here.

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