Quirky Solar System in a Bag

knitted planets

Here’s a fun, safe and creative way to teach kids about the Solar System─knit them and supply them in a bag. No, seriously. Etsy shop Fingers And Yarn sell these funky knitted planets, but sorry folks, the Spaceship is not included!

bag of planets

A collection of 10 knit and stuffed spheres featuring each planet and the Sun (and yes, I included Pluto even though he is, sadly, no longer a planet. Explain why to your child for additional bonus points!) These toys are a great way to spark interest in space for kids… or a wonderful gift for your space-loving friends.

Each is colorfully embroidered with its initials for reference. Diameters range from 2 to 9 inches across, and their sizes are accurate in relation to each other [Read More].

Credits: Both images shown above are Copyright © Fingers And Yarn. See their Etsy shop for more of their products and to purchase this Solar System set (this is Not an affiliate link).

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