Web and Social Media Sneakers

Twitter Sneakers image

Check out these web and social media sneakers I recently discovered (well, “trainers” as known here in England). They’re just concepts, but wouldn’t it be great if these were actually produced? Above: Twitter Sneakers [link].

Google Sneakers image

Above: Google Sneakers [link]

Facebook Sneakers

Above: Facebook Social Media Sneakers [© link]

Firefox Sneakers

Above: Firefox® Sneakers

Light blue Twitter Sneakers

Above: Light-blue Twitter Sneakers [© link].

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One thought on “Web and Social Media Sneakers”

  1. Amar Trivedi

    Nice one! That’s a cool idea. Just shared it with my network. This one, I’ll remember for a while. And… social sneakers… why not? I hope Nike, Adidas, Reebok put them out there. And if I ever see them sneakers (er I mean trainers:) on the racks (or on the tracks), I know where I saw them first. On Andrew Kelsall’s blog. (U’ve some cool blogposts, mate).

    Cheers, @