Seriously? A Real Ice Truckers Pickup?

ice truck tail lights

When I first saw this truck, I thought it was part of some sort of advertising campaign or a mere work of art. No. It’s an actual working and very real ice truckers pickup, complete with engine, tyres and functioning electronics. As can be seen, the lights even work.

“How — You may ask?” Well, the truck was commissioned by a Canadian car battery manufacturer ‘Eliminator’ that desired potential customers to know how well their batteries worked in the snow. They teamed up with¬†collaborators Iceculture, to show-off that a truck could function at -49 degrees. I shudder…

ice truck being built

ice truck in snow

ice truck at -49

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ice truck in garage

steering well in ice truck

ice truckers truck

ice truck on road

ice truck battery

light on ice truck

ice truck logo

ice truck flamed

carving the ice truck

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