Recycled Tire Sculptures by Yong Ho Ji

Used Tire Lion sculpture

These recycled tire sculptures by Yong Ho Ji are totally unique. I can’t remember ever seeing anything quite like them before. What makes these works even more notable is the fact that they’re made from something that is often thrown away or even burned. My favourite is the lion sculpture above. Below are 9 more of these fantastic pieces of art:

More Recycled Tire Sculptures

Buffalo sculpture

Yong Ho Ji’s site reads:

One must take note of the tires used in Yong Ho Ji‘s works. In the animal-like forms Yong Ho Ji created with the tire, the forms are generally realistic and refined, despite the rough texture of the tire used as the artistic material. Of course, upon closer view, one realizes that the forms do not resemble real animals. There is a sculpture that upon first glimpse resembles a horse, but its hind legs are those of a cows and the tail of a chicken. In these figures, tires intensify the grotesqueness to create science-fiction like monstrous figures [read more].

Dog Sculpture

Horse Sculpture\

Rhinoceros Sculpture

Shark Tire Sculpture

Spider Tire Sculpture image

Tire Cat sculpture

Tire Jaguar recycled sculpture

Wilde beast head image

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