Realistic Paintings by Janet Ternoff

realistic painting of wall street

These realistic paintings were produced by talented Janet Ternoff. She is a self-taught artist living and working in New York, who creates cityscapes in oil paints. The majority of her work are scenes from New York City:

bridge caffe

gawanus painting

Janet’s site reads:

Something that I love so much about your pieces is how they take you directly to a place or a time. I’ve lived in New York my whole life (until recently) and feel that I know every one of your paintings. It’s as if that place is a memory pulled right out of my life. I love when you can look at a painting and feel right at home. It takes unfathomable talent to make that magic and I can never help reaching out to an artist on those rare occasions!  [read more].


amtrak painting

painting of pool table

railroad artwork

realistic painting of stairs

seaport painting

times square at night

Credits: All images displayed here are copyright © Janet Ternoff. Please head over to her site for more fantastic realistic paintings, some of which are for sale.

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