Racing Stars Photo by Andrew Stawarz

Check out this stunning photo named “Racing Stars” by talented photographer, Andrew Stawarz.

Racing Stars photo

Here, Andrew starts to explain how the racing stars photo was taken:

The set up to do this picture was as follows:

1. Camera firmly mounted on a weighted tripod. With a hot shoe spirit level ensured the camera was horizontally level. With a compass and locating the great bear ensured that camera was pointing due north towards the pole star (to obtain the circle of stars).

2. The camera, a Nikon D300, was set to manual mode, 30 second exposure, aperture wide open on the Sigma 10-20 at f/4, focal length of 10mm, manually focused to infinity and the ISO adjusted with a number of test shots until the stars would appreciably show, in this case ISO 800 (owing to the background light off nearby Bury St Edmunds and Moreton Hall). Continuous shooting mode was enabled with 100 exposures maximum batch limit. The white balance was set to Daylight [read more on the process].

Credits: Image Copyright © [Creative Commons] Andrew Stawarz.

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