Quirky Designer Pantone Mugs and Expresso Cups


Check out these Pantone Mugs and Expresso Cups from Whitbread Wilkenson. They are the ultimate mix of the original favourites of the Pantone® mug family, which come in various colours and a couple of sizes:

PANTONE Espresso Set

PANTONE Single Orange Mug


The available colours include 230C baby pink, Violet 2745C, 221C Rose pink, Putty 7535C, Process blueC, Ox blood 484C, Cup cake yellow 607C, Lavender 2645C, Egg Yolk 137C and Bright lime 376C. My favourite is the Pantone© Orange 021c one (pictured above).

These can be purchased via Suck.uk.com // Image © Copyright Suck.uk.com.

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