Pizza Box Art

pizza box art

Okay, I’m in a humorous mood, so here are 8 pizza box art examples for you to digest (see what I did there?). I don’t know if this could strictly be referred to as art—but maybe some kind of urban graffiti! I think my favourite one is where someone’s requests that ‘Twinkle Pie” is drawn on a delivered pizza box. Strange stuff, I know. Anyway, it’s Friday, so enjoy the madness…

Pizza Box Art Gallery:

pizza art

Jet's Pizza Box

Pizza Hut Box

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Sketches on pizza box

Pizza Sketch art

Spock on Pizza Box

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Pizza Hut Art

Bonus Video: How to Make Wall Art from a Pizza Box by EcoHeidi Borchers

In this video, EcoHeidi Borchers transforms a pizza box into an art canvas. Wrapped with scrapbook papers and topped with collectibles, this is a great way to create affordable custom wall art. Featured on EcoHeidi TV.

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Pizza Box Art Tutorial: Instructions 1: To reinforce the cardboard pizza box, glue flaps in place. Wrap rubber bands around to help hold box together while glue dries. 2: Paint entire pizza box light blue. Let paint dry. Draw egret or bird lightly onto top of box with pencil [read more].

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