One Clever Folder Design Idea You Shouldn’t Overlook (infographic)

Creating unique print marketing materials (like presentation folders) is tough, but you can stand out by showing off your skills to give your collateral fresh life.

Cover designs can appear three dimensional with the use of different imprints or coatings, such as embossing or Spot UV.

The biggest thing that can help designs stand out is changing up elements inside the folder, such as the pockets and business card slots. For example, vertical pockets can be a refreshing change of pace, especially when incorporated into a design like this one.

Go a step further by using business card slots as part of the design, instead of just an afterthought to hold the business card in place. Change the shape (traditional, notch-style or custom) or location (top, bottom, sides or corners). The infographic here highlights different types of slots to elevate your presentation folder design.